As a new international student, there is so much to think about. Whether you are jetting off to a foreign country and wondering how you’ll make new friends or you’ve just touched down in London and are learning how to navigate the city, the world of apps has you covered. Melissa Ginsburg rounds-up the essential apps both inside and out of the lecture hall to make the transition from home life to student halls a little bit smoother.

  1. Revise and organise

Welcome to the classroom of the 21st century. With Evernote you will always have your class notes, handouts and projects at your fingertips. This intuitive app creates your own mobile study hub—you can upload and annotate your notes, add photos, record audio and even collaborate with fellow students. Say hello to organisation. (free on iOS and Android)

  1. Get moving

Moving to a new city or even a new country to study? Covering a multitude of cities around the world, from London to Lisbon and Manchester to Madrid, you will never get lost again with Citymapper. ‘Making cities usable’, this simple transit app (think: walk, bike, bus, train or taxi) will plot a route to get you where you need to go on time. (free on iOS and Android)

  1. Manage your budget

From textbooks to takeaways, student life can get expensive pretty quick. Mint helps you make sense of your money. The app brings all your accounts together in one place so you can track exactly how much you’re spending and saving. And, in case your funds start dwindling down, it has a handy budgeting tool to show you where to cut back. Consider Mint your personal accountant in your pocket. (free on iOS and Android)

  1. Eat, drink and be merry

Fending for yourself for the first time doesn’t mean you have to go hungry. The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy (£2.99 on iOS) helps you think outside the dining hall. Ideal for first time cooks, the app features step-by-step instructions accompanied by high resolution photos. Not a budding top chef? Don’t worry, there’s always Deliveroo. (free on iOS and Android)

  1. Transfer money abroad

If like many students you’ve travelled abroad for university, chances are you’ll need to pay your tuition fees and living costs in a different currency. That’s where the World First Money Transfer app comes in; with just a few clicks you can make international transfers cheaper, faster and easier. You can even lock in a rate for up to three years and setup regular international transfers to keep your mind at ease. (free on iOS and Android)

  1. Meet people

New in town? Make friends with likeminded people outside of the classroom using the Meetup app. With over 27 million members globally, Meetup brings together thousands of people every day in a staggering 179 different countries. Whether you’re studying in the UK or further afield, you can join ‘meetups’ in your local area based around shared interests so you know you’ll have something in common. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even host a ‘meetup’ yourself. (free on iOS and Android)


For more information on studying abroad, check out our ‘Back To School’ special of Transfer magazine. Otherwise, if you’re already made the leap and need to transfer your school fees, get in touch. We’d be happy to help and could help save you money whilst doing so.