World First is pleased to announce its latest partnership with European online marketplace, Pixmania. Founded in 2000, and promoting a wide variety of products, Pixmania covers 14 European countries and welcomes 7.7million unique visitors to its site every month.


Global sellers can now tap into this enormous potential with access to free local currency bank accounts through World First to receive the proceeds from their sales – a requirement to sell on Pixmania. This will help them to expand their online business into new territories before converting their marketplace revenues and sending funds back home at World First’s usual great exchange rates, which could make them big savings compared to using their bank.

Through this partnership, online sellers can expand their business in several European countries – and reap the benefit of putting their products in front of a whole new customer base.

And of course, every time they send money back to their home back accounts, they’ll get the benefit of World First’s competitive exchange rates and expert e-Commerce team, one of the most experienced in the business.

Seth Harvey, Global Head of Partnerships at World First, said:

“It’s fantastic to be teaming up with such a great name in European e-Commerce, but more than that, it’s great news for global sellers who can easily set up with Pixmania, put their products in front of even more people and see their business grow.”

Christophe Reinling, B to C Director at Pixmania, said:

“Here at Pixmania, we want as many online sellers as possible to take advantage of our growing customer base. With millions of monthly visitors, online sellers can really help grow their business by setting up with us. And it’s important to us that with World First’s help, international sellers will see more of their profits make it home through their competitive exchange rates.”

Find out more about Pixmania in our Marketplace Profile, and get details of a special offer for World First customers.