Here at World First we’re pretty excited. The reason? Later this month we’re due to launch Japanese Yen (JPY) receiving accounts and, in doing so, we’ll provide access to a new, thriving market for online sellers worldwide.

 In short, the new service will help international marketplace merchants to sell in Japan and transfer their hard-earned sales revenues from Japanese yen back to their home bank account in local currency. We’ll also do it quickly, cheaply and with a level of customer service that we think you’ll find hard to match. Just ask our current customers!

Our new capability will do all the hard work for international sellers trading in Japan. We’ll arrange to move your money at a great rate and deposit the funds into the seller’s account all in a matter of days.

To take advantage of this offer, please register your interest here.

The new JPY account capability further adds to the USD, EUR, GBP and CAD account solutions we already offer to help international merchants sell around the world.