Here at WorldFirst, we believe in People First. We are committed to making the process of taking your finances global as simple and straightforward as possible. That doesn’t mean offering you our platform translated to your language, it means offering you our platform created in your language. 

We are therefore pleased to announce that, as of today, our Dutch platform is now live. Therefore, clients based in The Netherlands can expect their experience with us to be in Dutch from start to finish.

Since our Netherlands office opened in 2016, we have been proud to be an established provider of local language FX expertise to Dutch-based SME’s. We offer clients access to our Dutch-speaking dealer based in Amsterdam so that your needs will not be lost in translation. 

Aaron Oxley, Premier Corporate Dealer for our NL office, recently joined the company and is dedicated to providing thorough communication and expertise to Dutch-based clients:

“I have the first-hand knowledge of our customers FX-management, I understand their business and know when we launch our new features how they can fully utilize our platform to their advantage.”

Providing clients with services in Dutch is all part of our plan to streamline your experience with us – so all you have to worry about is where in the world you want your money to go. The Dutch platform is the now the fifth country to have a platform in the client’s native language from beginning to end, alongside Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and French.

 Oliver Whelan, Head of Corporate Premier EMEA, commented:

“Many Dutch people speak English perfectly but it can make the whole process easier when they don’t have to revert from their own language – especially when dealing with financial matters which can have a big impact.”

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