Are you thinking of trying something new in 2017? Whether you’re an art aficionado, a sport supporter, a festival fanatic or if you’re simply looking for a weird and wonderful adventure this year, we’ve got you covered. The World First team have scoured the world in search of the very best events on offer in 2017 and whittled it down to this list of 101 you absolutely can’t miss.

Why not head to Scotland to join in on some traditional shanty songs whilst torching a Viking longboat at the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival? Or, perhaps you prefer to parade your pooch in fancy dress to win a title at the Halloween Dog Parade in New York City? Whether you’re looking to take on the ‘coolest marathon on Earth’ or simply see how many hot dogs you can eat in 10 minutes, these are the very best – off the beaten path –  events of 2017.

Check it out – there’s something here for everyone in our fully interactive guide of 101 events . You can browse by category including: extreme challenges, food and drink, sport, music and arts, weird and wonderful, festivals and celebrations and culture.

Don’t forget to create a list of all the events you’ve already experienced or a bucket list of events you still want to check out. You can share and compare with your friends to see who has attended the most of these cool and quirky cultural celebrations. And don’t miss all the conversation at #WorldFirst101!