If you’re thinking of travelling overseas for an extended period of time and want to make a bit of extra cash to help fund it, there are various things you can do to relieve the financial pressure international travel brings.

Go freelance

If you’ve got a particular skill-set, such as a knack for writing or experience in software development, sign up to sites like freelancer and fiverr and take on quick jobs. With online services like these, and similar sites such as Airtasker, your skills don’t have to be creative or technical either – some people even advertise relationship advice for a fee!

This is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash while you’re travelling and better yet, you can make your office the local beach bar.


Depending on your knowledge and skill set, consider tutoring local school or university students.

Tutoring isn’t limited to teaching a language either. You might be a budding mathematician or the next Picasso – put your ad onto sites like peopleperhour and offer up your talent!

Street performing

Swap the shampoo bottle for a microphone and belt out some tunes on the busy street you’re staying on. It’s a great way to earn a few extra dollars and you could even be scouted by a passing music producer!

If you don’t have a strong set of pipes though, fear not. Street performing can take many forms – busting out that dance routine you’ve been practicing since primary school, selling your own sketches of the local skyline or even painting yourself silver and standing like a statue for a few hours – if you have the patience that is.

Make sure, however, you check local rules about busking before you start – you don’t want to end up with a hefty fine instead of earning extra cash.

Tour guide 

If you’re intending to base yourself in one particular place for a little while, consider applying for work as a tour guide with companies like Contiki or TopDeck.

This is a fantastic way of earning money while you’re overseas and as an added bonus, you get to travel to a range of cool places – and be paid to do it!

Sort your finances before you go

If you’re intending on travelling for a longer period of time, as opposed to a holiday, consider setting up a bank account in the country you’re going to first. Send your savings to this local bank account, with companies like WorldFirst, to obtain bank-beating exchange rates and $0 transfer fees.

By transferring your money with a foreign exchange specialist, rather than your bank, you could save hundred and even thousands on transfer fees. That could mean a return flight from London to the Mediterranean!

If you’re ready to transfer right now, a spot contract could be the one for you. WorldFirst will offer you a rate based on the live exchange rate at the time and you can make a payment there and then.

For more information on transferring your money to an overseas bank account, get in touch with a WorldFirst currency specialist today on +65 6805 4370 or visit the website: worldfirst.com/en-sg/




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