WorldFirst launched the inaugural Seller Network Night on 16 January 2020.  The evening featured a fireside chat with e-commerce industry experts, a merchant panel discussion, and ended off with a networking session till late!

What is The Seller Network?

The Seller Network is a community of new and veteran eCommerce sellers and partners who are excited about networking and cross-sharing their seller experiences. Pioneered by WorldFirst, this new initiative comes in forms of e-commerce learning series, merchant scaling kits and network nights.

Here are some highlights from the event:

Sharing eCommerce trends

Industry experts from Easyship (shipping software platform), Jumpstart (certified Shopify expert), Shopify (e-commerce platform), eBay (C2C and B2C e-commerce marketplace) and WorldFirst (International Payment & Currency Specialist) exchanged learning and insights for 2020.The Seller Network Night Industry Experts


Hearing from merchants

Our panel was made up of three merchants at different phases of their seller journey. From stories of stumbling upon selling on Amazon to launching a kick-starter project, Amazon sellers (Allan Muir and Jason Tay) and entrepreneur of Sekoni Original (Bryan Koh) took the stage to tell us what it took for them to scale online. Marketing tactics, seller hurdles and taxes were part of the ongoing conversation amongst our seller audience.Merchants Discussion at The Seller Network Night

(From left to right: Allan Muir, Jason Tay, Bryan Koh and Stanley Lee)


Networking over bites and booze

Jason Tay highlighted his earlier selling days included learning to step out of his comfort zone. The 6-year Amazon seller, candidly confesses to be an introvert, took opportunities to learn and network with others. The night ended with a networking session – opportunities can only bring you as far as you would take them. Networking with Allan at the Seller Network Night


Main discussion from the Seller Network Night 2020


How can you attend future events?

If you are already a WorldFirst client, we will keep you posted about future events. If you are not yet a client, subscribe to our mailing list for event updates!


How can I sign up with WorldFirst?

If you’re an eCommerce seller or a business, World Account allows you to collect international funds and make payments in local currencies. Register online for free.



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