WorldFirst partner, ReferralCandy, share their insights on increasing ROI in your online store with the power of words. 

Impactful copy can generate the most return on investment in six key places. The most important places for impactful copy include your referral offer, the product copy, the post-purchase email, blog posts, landing pages and social media posts. Spending time improving the copy in these areas will help to boost sales.

Product Description 

Exceptional product copy will elevate the ordinary product to the next level. It can generate massive sales for your business. A great example of this occurs in restaurant menus.

Menus that are created well focus not only on the ingredients of a dish, but also the description of tastes. This can tantalize a customer’s taste buds. It gives them an idea of what they will experience when the dish is properly described.

The example below is a section of Luciano’s Italian restaurant in Oakton, Virginia. They make sure to emphasize the unique value of their pizza through making it fresh daily and using a special sauce that includes imported ingredients.

Be cautious about overused descriptors. Many times marketers will use phrases that don’t say much about the product. For example, “finger-licking good” doesn’t tell us much about the flavor. Click here for more overused cliches and common phrases.

A product description gives you the opportunity to increase the perceived value of the product. It is your opportunity to pique the customer’s interest and trigger an impulse to buy. Through the description, be sure to emphasize how the product will improve the customer’s life.

Referral Offer

A referral offer is essentially delayed gratification. The person doing the referring will share an offer. This gives them some social currency. The greatest value comes later when the person purchases the product and both of you earn store credit. It is essential that you have impactful copy when writing referral offers to motivate your current customers to refer their friends.

A great example of impactful referral copy is FlatTummyCo. In the copy below, they keep it sweet and simple. Tell your friends. Give ten percent and you’ll get $10.

Post Purchase Email

The post-purchase email is sent to verify the purchase, pricing, delivery dates and a thank you message. However, awesome marketers craft post purchase emails that grab the customer’s attention and interest them in related products. This is a great time because you have the customer’s attention.

Blog Content

Blogs are an excellent way to keep your customers informed. Blogs can inform customers about new products, new research studies, and relevant events and issues. Blogs should serve as a lead magnet to sign up for newsletters, spark an interest in readers and a place to sign up for your product or try new features.

Through your blog content, you should focus on motivating people into taking action. Your focus should be on helping your customers discover solutions to their problems. This will build trust with your customers. People tend to buy from others that they know, like and trust! As readers begin to trust your blog, they will feel comfortable testing out your products.

Landing Page

To create an effective landing page that is optimized for conversions, make sure that you remove all unnecessary text and distractions. A landing page should be laser focused on grabbing your customer’s attention and getting them to take action.

Amazon is a great example. In the picture below, there is quite a bit of content, but only one call to action button and one way to exit the page through the offer.

Amazon’s CTA button also includes its unique value proposition. You will receive a free one-month trial if you click on the link. The one month trial may motivate many to click on the link.

For more on information on kick-starting your online business on Amazon, check out WorldFirst’s handy tips here.

Social Sharing Post

There are two essential areas for social sharing posts. You’ll want to create a motivation for the customer to share the post and a message that gets shared when they click on the button.

It is important that you craft your message wisely. Emphasize the product value, proposition and target audience. Make sure that the customer will understand the social benefit of sharing online. If your audience will receive a benefit from sharing the discount code, make sure you mention that.

For more tips on how to craft the perfect social media message, check out 121 Examples of Social Sharing.

If you check out the link below, Nina Salazar shared that she indulged in a Topbox. This lets her friends know that she views Topbox as a great experience she is excited about. The link provides a unique value position. By clicking on the link, you’ll receive beauty samples to your door. It is great copy that will get shared.


Crafting impactful copy motivates and energizes your customers to take action. They will sign up for your newsletters, buy your product and refer it to their friends when you write copy effectively. This keeps customers engaged and improves their loyalty to your brand. As customers become more loyal, your return on investment increases.

To learn more about getting started (and becoming successful) in the eCommerce world, visit the Selling Online section of the WorldFirst blog.