Free listing for products on Google Shopping

In April 2020, Google announced that merchants will be able to sell on Google Shopping tab for free. The change comes timely where more consumers and merchants are turning to eCommerce shopping during the pandemic. As I write, Google has updated that it’s free Google Shopping listing to make it available for all participating countries besides the US. Google Shopping Ads

For retailers & advertisers that are already using Google Shopping:

For retailers that are new to Google Shopping:

  • Increase awareness and discovery on the largest search engine
  • Improve your conversions

Shoppers leave a digital trail when they browse, research and purchase online. Google has all the available resources to help you optimize your product and smartly use important data trails to improve your traffic and sales.


Understanding Google Solutions for Retailers

As advertisers ourselves, here’s what we think Google solutions can help retailers at different stages of their conversion strategy.Google Tools for eCommerce sellers

  • Research before you launch your new product. Google Trends gives you an overview of how frequent a keyword is searched over a period of time in specific geographies. This free tool by Google, helps merchants discover demand trends on products and interests.
  • Marketing with Google Ads solution can help you capture the right audience during their pre-purchase until they hit the check-out button. For example, Keyword Planner allows advertisers to determine the popularity and competitiveness of keywords based on the estimated volume searched and bids for CPC (cost per click), so that advertisers can optimize campaigns. Even if you’re not an advertiser with Google, the free Google analytics tool helps you better understand consumer behavior on your website to improve engagement.
  • eCommerce companies who have their website will be able to link up with Google Ads account and Google Shopping to improve their customer experience and save costs. For example, you’re running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) keyword ad campaign. A low average cost-per-click (CPC) with high conversion might be a better return on investment, so you may want to increase maximise your CPC bid.
  • Post purchase service is an important customer journey. A customer with a higher life-time value, might be easier to encourage sales conversion than acquiring a new customer. The customer life-time value can be improved by encouraging product reviews, referrals and cross-selling.


How to get started with Google Shopping Ads?

  1. Have an online webstore to sell your products (Marketplaces are applicable too)
  2. Make sure you have your product feed (for example: title, description, product image, URL link of your product information)
  3. Set up a Google merchant account
  4. Set up a Google Ads Account

You’ll discover that these four basic steps will make your Google Shopping Ads more successful.


Best Practices for Google Shopping Ads

A. Understand Google listing policies to avoid your ads from being penalized.

Google is pretty strict on your product data specification. Any errors could mean that your product ad will be disapproved. Whether you are launching paid or unpaid product listings, you will need to ensure your product data is up-to-date, accurate and informative.

B. Optimize Product Title

By optimizing your product data, you can expect to see better results from your shopping ads. There are multiple techniques to optimize your product data. The best place to optimizing tips is from Google themselves. Google suggest emphasizing your unique selling proposition, provide accurate product data, matching the product feed to your landing page. The more quality product data you feed into Google Shopping, Google is able to show the right products to the right audience who are searching.

If you need more best practices, visit Google’s Merchant Center to learn more.


WorldFirst x Google Merchant Program

WorldFirst recognizes that some merchants may find it hard to navigate or even start selling on Google. That’s why we have teamed up with Google to help merchants grow their brand and sales on this global leading search engine.

What are the benefits of the program?

1. Avoid Google merchant account suspension

Merchants navigating Google Ads on their own tend to experience disapproved product listings in their merchant center. In this program, you can be assured that your account remains whitelisted. Google provides the support from merchant center set-up to product listing.

2. Get direct access to Google team

Usually Google’s account support team only serves the selected few customers. In this program, Google provides account support and business strategy consultations – a value-added service by Google at no additional costs.

3. Access to Google and its Partners’ trainings

4. Receive a dedicated account manager by WorldFirst

As a merchant who’s expanding and outsourcing, you will start to collect overseas earnings on a marketplace or retailer.com, pay your overseas suppliers or handle some cross border payments. WorldFirst can help you save transfer costs and time with up to 10 receiving accounts around the world to manage your international transfers.


Who is the program suitable for?

1. B2B & B2C merchants looking to build their brand and online presence.

Google Kantar_Path to purchase research

The consumer mind today is a competitive space. Consumers and businesses turn to search engines to compare brands, find detailed product, search for the best deals before, and finally purchase online or in-store. As much as shopping ads are catered to individuals, Google recognizes that businesses also turn to Google to find suppliers and research on a business’ credentials. That’s why B2B and B2C brands are placing more emphasis on an omni-channel customer journey and building their brand to stay ahead in their industry.

2. Merchants who focus on customer satisfaction and high-quality merchandising

Imagine retailer A and retailer B sells the same product with similar pricing, what else would a consumer consider before deciding to purchase?

If you have a non-niche product, chances are, merchants sell in a highly competitive online environment where getting a customer into the conversion cart is so difficult. Why not consider good eCommerce practices such as after- sales service standards, fast delivery times and growing customer reviews. This can extend your customer’s lifetime value (eg. Repurchase, referring other customers).

3.Merchants with many SKUs and the ability to spend a minimum of USD 500 per day on Google shopping ads (for 3 months)


How to join the program?

Google x WorldFirst Program is a bespoke program for merchants. Indicated your interest before 30 April 2021 and the WorldFirst team will be in touch with you.

This program is for WorldFirst clients in APAC. If you’re not an existing WorldFirst client, just register for a World Account to be eligible.








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