connect buyers and sellers from around the worldWith globalisation and the digital revolution making it easier to do trade around the world, B2B buyers are increasingly turning to online platforms to source products. eCommerce powerhouse is just one platform, connecting buyers and sellers from around the world. While it’s not the only one, it’s certainly the biggest and most renowned, with over 40 industries represented. This means it’s often a one-stop shop for buyers, a fact that international sellers are capitalising on with greater frequency.

We’ve rounded up three businesses who have succeeded on, looking at exactly what it is that makes the marketplace so appealing. WorldFirst is a Global Service Partner of, which empowers us in our mission to make it easy to do business anywhere.

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Adiwarna: Creating long-term relationships

Adiwarna has been an Gold Supplier since 2018Business overview

Adiwarna is a trusted provider of aerosols and chemical products, having been established over three decades ago. The company is based in Singapore, with its products available to both consumers and businesses, from other southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, all the way to the Middle East and Africa.

Since becoming a Gold Supplier in 2018, they receive an average of 15 to 20 genuine enquiries per month from around the globe.

Highlight of selling on

One of Adiwarna’s most valuable customers discovered the company via the platform, while searching for customisations not available in the market. Adiwarna was able to create three different lines of products and thus secure a long-term contract with the buyer.

“Alibaba has indeed brought us international sales inquiries ever since we got onboard which was never available in the past offline.”

Magnetone Singapore: Reaching international buyers

Magnetone has been an Gold Supplier since 2008

Business overview

One of the largest distributors of aftermarket laser and copier components in Asia, Magnetone Singapore has been developing and supplying products to remanufacturers since 2001. They joined as a Gold Supplier in 2008.

Magnetone first heard of from various IT and entrepreneurial publications. During the first five years as a seller on, they averaged 30 enquiries a month. Being part of the largest online B2B marketplace in the world has provided exposure to markets previously not accessible to them.

Highlight of selling on

Prior to joining, their focus was on the southeast Asian, south Asian and US markets; they now export to more than 80 countries.

“After becoming a Gold Supplier member, we have received inquiries from a wider region covering Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America, Africa and [the] Middle East… One of the biggest deals we closed was over US$60K.”

Springwell International: Leveraging tools for a seamless process

Springwell has been an Gold Supplier since 2018

Business overview

Springwell International is a Singapore company with factories in China offering specialty products such as food delivery bags, hi-vis gear and toolboxes to customers. They cover all aspects of production from product development to manufacturing to logistics and fulfilment.

Highlight of selling on

For Springwell, one of the benefits of selling on is the seamless process from enquiry to delivery of goods using the platform’s tools and services. A recent customer was found through a Request For Quotation (RFQ) and it took less than two months between the seller providing a quotation, negotiating the price, design alterations and the buyer receiving his order.

The customer is also very satisfied with the professionalism of the handling of their order and the process from buying to reception of goods.”

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