The global pandemic has disrupted businesses and consumer sentiments are changing. Buyers are prioritizing their most basic needs and choosing to purchase online. The hoarding of toilet paper globally is a classic example. For online merchants, SMEs and local businesses, it may feel uncomfortable because we’re pushed to adapt fast, be creative and change the way we conduct business. We’ve put together a list of providers that may bolster the impact on Singapore’s businesses.

Covid-19 resources for SMEs and Online Merchants


*Please note that some promotions have been updated/ removed to provide the latest content.


Singapore government has unveiled several grants to support workers, self-employed persons, families and businesses. For new or existing online retailers looking to sell in domestic or overseas markets, Enterprise Singapore is offering an eCommerce booster package until 30 September 2020.




Easyship, a global shipping software for eCommerce, has summarized major carriers experiencing delays and suspension during the coronavirus. We would advise online retailers to expect delays and communicate them with customers in these affected regions. If you’re using a specific carrier, you may wish to visit the official carrier website to be updated real-time on any shipment delays.



Some marketplaces are offering longer trial period and a wealth of resources to equip sellers during Covid-19.

eBay is an online marketplace for consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales.

TradeGecko, a B2B eCommerce platform, is offering free use of its Founder plan and Lite plan. In TradeGecko’s response, you will also find resources on commerce trends and government support available around the world.


Other Providers

Shopify, an eCommerce SaaS platform, is offering longer trial period and a wealth of resources to equip sellers during Covid-19.

Sleek is providing hassle-free company secretary services at discounted rates.

7-Network, a partner of Alibaba Cloud, is providing complimentary contact management tools to all SMEs. It includes a set of ready to use forms for task and employee’s activity management where SMEs can efficiently manage their employees working from home or serving the Stay Home Notice.


Offers for WorldFirst customers

  Alibaba Cloud has a wide suites of cloud computing product and services. From web-hosting to data security, SMEs and businesses can leverage on USD1000 complimentary credits to try them out.

Get 100% reimbursement of store and promoted listing fees for up to 3 months, capped at USD $1,000, subject to promotion T&Cs.

  • USD1000 off your first quarter of operation on eBay (valid until 31 Dec 2020)

To qualify:

    • For WorldFirst Singapore customers only
    • Be a new seller on eBay
    • Offer minimum of 100 SKUs in your online store
    • Leave your contact details in eBay’s New Seller Form
    • eBay’s New Seller Account Management team will review your application and reach out to guide you on the account set up
    • Once approved you will receive a promotion email from your Account Manager
Talenox is a free HR software that offers the quickest way to manage your company’s payroll and leave. You can run HR processes with a clear picture of every employee’s details from one central dashboard. It was nominated Best Payroll Software by HRM Asia. Tax filing for your businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong will also be seamless because Talenox prepares country-specific employment regulations and pre-set calculations for these markets.

If you have business(es) beyond these three markets, just check in with Talenox’s team (hello@talenox.com) on the set-ups needed for other markets.

  • $480 worth of Talenox credits, sign up and key in “WORLDFIRST480” in “Promo Code” field, valid until 30 June 2020 (For WorldFirst Singapore customers)
If you’re new to Xero, all WorldFirst clients in APAC will get 50% off for 3 months (valid until 31 May 2020). You can contact your account manager to start using the promo code.

To learn how Xero can solve your accounting woes and help you get paid faster, watch this video on Xero.

You can also arrange a consultation with Xero Business Evangelist, Julian: https://calendly.com/julianxero

We understand the impact of COVID-19 on your business, so we will continuously update this blog with new support and offers available. The eCommerce journey isn’t so tough knowing you have other businesses supporting you. For more online-selling resources, our online selling hub may be a good place to start.

Last Updated: 9 February 2021, 18:03 pm SGT


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