Since the Coronavirus outbreak, WorldFirst is closely monitoring the global situation. We remain committed to our customers while taking appropriate measures to protect our employees.


Our service commitment remains

  • We’re an online service, so business remains the same. You can send, receive and convert currencies as usual.
  • Easy guides are available to help you trade online 24 hours a day on WorldFirst Online portal.


Keeping our team safe

  • Our employees are working remotely to protect themselves and our community.
  • We’re using virtual communication tools. This means that our customer service is not impacted so you can call us if you face any service issues. If we’re affected by any outages, this blog will provide the latest updates.


WorldFirst updates

Covid-19 resource guide for SMEs and Online Merchants

  • We understand that people and businesses may be affected by Coronavirus, so we’ve gathered our partners to supply some support. Hope it helps!

We’ve added OCBC Singapore to our banking network.

  • If you’re currently banking with OCBC, you can now manage your SGD or USD fund settlement through the same banking network (applicable for fund transfer on WorldFirst individual and corporate account)


Beware of rising scams related to COVID-19

Tips to protect yourself and your WorldFirst Account:

Phishing Emails or Texts

  • Verify if the email is legitimate by checking the email address or contacting the person or company who sent the email directly.
  • Emails and SMSes can contain malicious attachments and links. Hover over links before clicking any. When in doubt, delete or report it.

Impersonation and Online Scams

  • Scammers may impersonate as government officials to collect your sensitive information.
  • To verify authenticity of phone calls related to COVID-19 situation, contact MOH hotline 1800 333 9999



Our thoughts are with you during this very unusual event. We are continuously monitoring the situation to make sure as little disruption when moving your money. At WorldFirst, ensuring that we help our customers move money around the world faster, easier, safer and cheaper is our priority.

Keep safe, we hope all will run back to normal soon.

From WorldFirst Team in Singapore