No hassle or need to negotiate, always pay the same FX fee based on your annual trading volume, so you know what rate you’ll receive on every trade, every time.

How can WorldFirst help your business go global?

Whether you’re paying overseas suppliers or making an international investment, we understand that effectively managing your FX business needs and protecting your bottom line is paramount. Being able to send money overseas is not always a straightforward process – but imagine if it could be.

At WorldFirst, we have over 16 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes send and receive international payments. With a core mission to make it easier to do business anywhere, we provide a real alternative to the big banks and traditional money transfer services through our product innovation and competitive pricing.

international payments

Don’t waste time with slow international payments

Many banks still quote between 2-5 days for international payments from business bank accounts to clear.

Through our extensive payments network, we are able to deliver funds to suppliers much faster, with same day availability on 97% of currency pairs actively traded through WorldFirst's online platform.

trusted company

Know your money is in the hands of a trusted company

Ensuring the safety and security of your money is central to our business.

With real-time fraud monitoring, blocking and alerts, we are PSD2 compliant with 2FA in place, as well as the option to authenticate with the Authy App for safer login.

We are licensed by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). To obtain and retain this permit, we must continually improve and comply with all requirements set by these financial authorities. Read more about keeping your money safe.

transparent pricing

Fixed transparent pricing to help you manage your margins

Creating simplicity and transparency is vital.

As a business you need to know exactly what you are paying up front, without the worry of hidden fees. That’s why our pricing comes with FX rates as low as 0.10%.

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Rated excellent on TrustPilot

The WorldFirst ’International Transfers Account integrates traditional FX payments and Spot Contracts, with a full suite of risk management solutions for SMEs. These solutions are tailored to fulfil small business needs not presently being addressed by our competitors.

Quick, easy, and reliable international money transfers and business payments

- De Netherlandsche Bank (“DNB”) authorised. Fast and reliable international payments to speed up your supply chain

- (New) Extended FX cut off times, allowing you to make more same day currency payments than ever before

- Book a spot deal and make same to next day payments for overseas investments and supplier payments

- Foreign entity funding - send money to support building your business abroad

- Pay suppliers globally without transfer limitation or cap

Seamless mass payments from a single transaction

- Pay overseas suppliers, vendors and staff in their preferred currencies

- Instruct and disburse mass payments in a single transaction

- Save time by making bulk payments using our file upload system

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Unrivalled customer service

- Rated excellent on TrustPilot

- Our team of dedicated London based account managers are here to support you from the start to the end of your transaction

- With 24/5 customer service, you will be able to speak someone directly over the phone with any questions you may have

FX solutions for your business

Protect your bottom line and diversify your hedging strategy. Explore our global payment solutions for businesses.

Forward Contract

If you want to secure a rate but aren’t yet ready to make a transfer, you can choose a forward contract to fix a rate today for a specified date in the future.

The great thing about a Forward Contract is that you know now exactly how much you’ll get when you’re ready to transfer, and only need a deposit to hold this rate, freeing up your cash flow.

Read more about benefits and risks

Spot Contract

Spot Contracts can be used for imminent payments. Businesses can use a Spot Contract to buy and sell a foreign currency at the current market exchange rate for immediate delivery.

Read more about Spot Contracts

Firm Orders

With a Firm Order you can buy or sell a currency at an exchange rate you choose.

Once the market hits that rate, we can execute your transfer.

Read more about benefits and risks

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