What we offer

The WorldFirst API allows your clients access to other opportunities around the world via a single API integration without ever leaving your app or platform.


Benefits for you

  • → Easy, flexible integration
  • → Your platform, your UX, our financial network
  • → Streamline operations with our API’s
  • → Real-time online reporting, including payment creation and tracking

Benefits for your clients

  • → Direct access to global currency accounts without leaving your platform
  • → Seamless cross border collection and payments network
  • → Fast, secure and globally regulated, with tier 1 banking partners
  • → Ability to open new bank accounts instantly within your platform
  • → Live rates: take the complexity out of securing prices by connecting to our live FX rate repository, this ensures you lock in market competitive prices and protect your bottom line

Use cases

With a suite of features available, you can choose the functionality that provides the greatest benefits to your clients.

Marketplace Integration

Enable your cross-border sellers to instantly open in-country currency accounts to collect sales proceeds locally from your platform.

These accounts are fully embedded and managed within your marketplace seller portal, which enables merchants to view balances, pay suppliers and manage FX and payments without getting distracted from the main task of selling.

B2B Payments & Treasury Management

Enjoy real-time, competitive rates and payment solutions to simplify your business processes and your back office overheads.

Mass Payments & Payroll

Streamline your one-off and multiple payment needs through a globally compliant & secure payment platform – one that lets you scale with ease.

Investment Management

Create a centralised hub for your clients to invest funds in global markets by incorporating our API into your investment management platform.

MSBs, Financial Institutions (FIs) & Banks’

If you are an established Tier 1 MSB or Bank our APIs may be able to support your global growth ambitions.

We can offer you and your clients improved global payment capabilities and a global currency account solution all integrated into your existing user interface.

We may also be able to rely on your existing KYC processes to make the sign-up process for your existing clients as smooth as possible.

Here’s an overview of how our API’s integration and functionality works:

1. Sign up

Speak to our sales team to sign up for an API key.

2. Get access

Get access to our Sandbox environment and start simulating a live experience (including access to all endpoints).

3. Contact us when ready

Get in touch to go live when ready.