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What is Xero?

Simply put, Xero is the fastest growing cloud accounting system for small businesses.

From business owners to accountants and bookkeepers, it helps 1.8 million users transform the way they handle their businesses finances.

What this means for WorldFirst customers

WorldFirst customers are now able to connect Xero to their WorldFirst currency accounts to seamlessly reconcile their transactions. This will be the first step in our commitment to delivering seamless payment and collection services for our customers.

Xero problems, more solutions

All it takes is a simple one-time sign-up to help you start saving hours of admin time for you and your accountant. Once you sign-up, your transactions will instantly sync; you’ll be able to get a real-time view of your accounts and stay up-to-date with your finances on the go.

You asked, we listened

Following extensive customer research, we found that accounting system integration was one of the most the most requested feature by customers. At WorldFirst, we put you at the heart of what we do, and that’s why we took your feedback on board to bring you this integration with Xero.

Take a look at our set up guide & FAQ’s for more information or connect your accounts now.

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Discover the benefits of connecting your World Account

Say goodbye to manually uploading statements

Reduce the amount of time you spend on admin by digitising your finances from start to finish.

This gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

Reconcile with World Account and Xero at the click of a button

Import and categorise your transactions in a matter of seconds.

It’s that simple.

Auto reconciliation with the Xero Banks Feeds API

Take advantage of the most-used functionality on Xero and experience a great account reconciliation process.

You’ll soon see why Bank Feeds are Xero’s most popular feature.

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Benefits of World Account

- Same-day account opening in one or multiple currency accounts

- Collect and receive funds from global customers in local currencies

- Book and manage contracts, securing rates for up to 2 years