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Looking to transfer money?

Well, we'll make sure it's as quick, easy and cheap as possible. We're nice like that.

World First is an award-winning currency exchange company, and we're here to help you send your money without the stress. Sound good? Then read on.

Wherever in the world you're moving your money, our amazing customer service and easy-to-use online system will make it so simple. World First will give you a better exchange rate, all because we take a smaller margin than the banks. That means more money in your pocket - just as it should be.

We're clear and straightforward, and you'll always know what you'll pay (which will always be less than the banks). So all you need to decide is what to spend your savings on? Go on, treat yourself.

Transfer money the easy way with World First.

Don't worry - the list below shows just some of the popular countries that people use us to send money to. Get in touch with us if you'd like to send your money somewhere else!

Popular places to send money to: