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How to transfer money overseas

Wherever in the world you're moving your money to, our amazing customer service and easy-to- use online system will ensure the whole process is stress-free. From AUD and USD, to EUR and NZD, WorldFirst will give you a better exchange rate, all because we take a smaller margin than FX providers. That means more money in your pocket as opposed to paying extra for currency exchange - just as it should be.

So the next time you're looking to send money worldwide, why not use one of the leading forex brokers in the Singapore? WorldFirst - we're changing money.

How it works

It’s easy to start making payments with WorldFirst. Once you’ve opened an account, one of our specialists will work with you to find the right solution for your needs and we won't charge you a cent.*

We’re here to help reduce any hassles or worries about exchange rates and market fluctuations, and here's how it works:


Make an international transfer

Once your account is set up, you just need to tell us how much you want to send, who you want to pay and which currency you want to pay in. Then we'll quote you a rate. Simple.


Send us your money

When you have booked your rate and recevied all the trade confirmations from us, you just need to send your money to us by bank transfer. And guess what, there's no fee!


We make your payment

Put your feet up and we'll do the rest - convert your funds and send the money to the account you requested. Done and dusted.

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*Visit our FAQs for more details on fees and charges.

The right foreign exchange service for you

Find out more about international money transfers with WorldFirst. We'll work with you to find tailored currency solutions that suit your specific needs:

For your business

For your business

Our industry leading FX solutions can help you make the most of your money.

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For online sellers

For online sellers

For help saving money when converting your payments back into your own currency.

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Fees and charges

For online sellers, it's free to open an account and we don't charge fees for receiving money. There are also no monthly charges or any transfer fees.

When we work with businesses, we'll agree a payment fee structure that reflects how much business we do together.

There may be varying correspondent and receiving fees from the banks who handle the transfer along the way but we will try to cover these where we can.

For more information on fees and charges, visit our FAQs

Popular countries we transfer to

The list is endless and so are the currencies. The best way to double check if we can support your specific currency requests (which we probably can!) is to ask us now on our live chat. You can find out more information on our most popular countries to transfer money to below:

Talk to us. We know foreign currency

We’ll remove the hassle of your next international money transfer. So you can focus on your future.

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