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Account fees

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Transferring large sums annually?

Reach out to our account managers to find how out how we manage your funds securely, and save even more on large sum transfers.

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Multi-currency account

Receive sales proceeds in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, AUD, SGD, NZD, HKD & CNH receiving accounts

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Pay suppliers in local currencies

Collect funds and pay overseas suppliers in local currencies quickly and easily.

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Secure transfers

MAS Authorised. Move multiple currencies between accounts.

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One easy-to-use platform

Receive, hold and send global funds – available 24/7 online from one UI platform.

New to online selling?

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Working with major Marketplaces to provide quality solutions to customers

WorldFirst partners with major marketplaces and e-commerce service providers on a global scale. This allows us to help you solve problems with cross-border payments for your e-commerce business.

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Frequently asked questions


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e-commerce marketplaces and payment gateways that have been approved by WorldFirst. We can support more than 100 different marketplaces. Please get in touch at for more details.
It’s free to set-up a World Account. No opening fees, annual fees, or deposit requirements. No minimum or maximum balance requirements. The only cost is a small FX margin when you convert between currencies. If you're making same-currency withdrawals from World Account, we charge a small fee as well.
We can pay to over 190 countries (except sanctions countries) in over 30 different currencies. Please check with us for more information.
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Testimonials from our e-commerce clients

Jackson – MightyJaxx

Jackson managed to year-on-year cut his transaction fees by half, using World Account multi-currency account’s seamless and simple platform.