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Online Selling Content Hub

At WorldFirst, we support thousands of online sellers every year, not only by helping them achieve better exchange rates on their international sales, but also by enabling their growth.

Welcome to our online sellers content hub, where you'll find videos, articles and guides which are designed to help you reach your business goals faster.

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Start your online selling journey

What's involved in starting your own online business? Marketplace or platform selling? Which countries should you be selling in? These are just some of the questions you'll be asking at this stage of your journey. We want to help you make informed decisions when starting out as an online seller.

Marketplace Selling

Sell on Amazon - Jason Tay

Jason Tay is an Amazon expert who has taught thousands of students how to become successful on Amazon. Watch the video above to hear his tips on getting started on Amazon.

Platform Selling

Sell through Shopify - Steve & Evan Tan

Steve and Evan Tan are eCommerce moguls who have become multi-million dollar sellers, spreading their knowledge and experience to the dropshipping world. We sat down with Steve and Evan to hear more about selling through Shopify.

Guides and insights

101 Guide to Selling on Amazon

Read the beginners guide to selling globally on Amazon.

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Sell on Trade Me New Zealand

Have you ever thought about selling in New Zealand?
Learn more about selling on Trade Me.

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Online Seller Insights

Download the Voice of Online Sellers report
for insights around eCommerce trends.

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Sell internationally on eBay

Learn how to sell in countries like Australia and the U.S. on one of the world's largest marketplaces eBay.

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eCommerce Logistics

Find out about the 5 common challenges to eCommerce logistics

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The Seller Network Night 2020

Find out about the Seller Network Night 2020

Learn more

How to use World Account

Find out how World Account works

Learn more

Overview of Paypal Merchant Fees

Find out more on Paypal Merchant Fees

Learn more

Launching your website or storefront

This stage of your eCommerce journey is all about increasing your education around the tools and services available to you that set the foundations of your business - products, suppliers, finances and website or storefront.


The impact of currency markets on your online business.

Amazon Advertising

The impact of currency markets on your online business.

Packing FBA Goods

How to package and label your products for FBA.



The benefits of an excellent shipping policy.

Product Selection

6 ways to source new products for your online store.

About WorldFirst

WorldFirst opens local currency receiving accounts for the countries you’re selling in, meaning you’ll be able to receive better exchange rates when repatriating your international marketplace and platform revenue and make transfers at times that suit you.

If you’re selling locally and sourcing your products internationally, we can help you achieve better exchange rates when paying your suppliers.

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