Stay in control with a new simple, central dashboard from WorldFirst

Our new dashboard provides a complete and comprehensive at-a-glance-view of your account information. It’s now easier than ever to log in to your World Account and find out what rate you will achieve - you’ll be able to see it before you even begin to book a deal!

Not only will it be easier and faster to carry out your regular activities, you will also clearly see if you have any outstanding actions to complete (e.g. uploading documents). By upgrading the dashboard, we have made the process of accessing your information smoother and more time efficient.

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How can our new dashboards benefit you?

✔ Ability to see your total balance per currency for each of your currency accounts

✔ Save time with real-time transaction and balance information at your fingertips

✔ Your live FX rates at a glance (inclusive of our fee) - allowing you to view the exchange you will receive before you even make a trade

✔ No hidden fees, we are clearly displaying your pricing on the dashboard

✔ Increased transparency and clarity knowing the rates provided are inclusive of your pricing

✔ Receive instant confirmation of your status and see any outstanding actions that need to be completed when onboarding

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old versus new dashboard