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Easier, cheaper, faster international payments for global businesses

Paying overseas suppliers? Need bank accounts in different currencies? Want help managing exchange rates?

You’re in the right place. We’ve been making it easier, cheaper and faster for global businesses to manage multiple currencies around the world since 2004.

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Established 2004



FCA Authorised



£60bn+ transferred


Why WorldFirst?

No matter why you're transferring money, we can help - so if you're importing or exporting paying salaries overseas or making supplier payments, we've got a solution that can help you get the most for your money.

Amazing customer service

Our clients are our number one priority and we treat every client as if they were our only one. It's worked so far - 98% of our lovely clients* would use us again if the need arises!

* Based on a corporate client survey conducted in December 2015.

Safe and secure

We are authorised by the FCA, with passported services to the Netherlands. You can look up World First UK Limited on De Nederlandsche Bank's register.

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The right product for you

Every business is different, so we make sure we get to know yours and find the right product to suit your budget, risk appetite and cashflow. That way you can get on with what you do best without having to worry about the exchange rates.

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How it works


Sign-up for an account and once we’ve checked a few details, we can quote you a rate – either online or over the phone.


With a rate booked you can send us the funds via bank transfer to make the onward payment.


Once we have cleared funds we’ll send your payment on its way at the agreed rate. Most payments land within one working day.


How much will I pay?

There is no fee to open or hold any account with WorldFirst.

We'll agree a payment fee structure with you that reflects how much business we do together. These fees can range from €0 to €15 per transaction.

And we try to help make sure all your money gets to where it needs to by covering correspondent and receiving charges where we can.

That’s it. Simple and transparent money transfers for your business.

Our awards

We’re not really in it for the glory, it’s what our customers think that that really matters. But it is nice to collect a few awards along the way…


High Potential Business Awards
Queens Award for Enterprise
European Business Awards
National Business Award

So what are you waiting for?

If you need to make an international payment, look no further. Join the 280,000+ clients around the world who are benefitting from our services. Or feel free to give us a shout - a real person will answer your call, within 3 rings. Go on, give us a try. We think you'll like us.

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