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We now offer Chinese Yuan (CNY) receiving accounts

What's new?

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Chinese Yuan (CNY) receiving account solution. Now we can provide you with a CNY account which will enable you to bring money home from your overseas sales on marketplaces such as Amazon China. Already selling in China? We can help get your funds back home. Not selling in China yet? We can help you start.

Why China?

There are over 720 million internet users across China

Ecommerce market estimated to reach 1.177 trillion USD by 2018

Nearly 20% of digital consumers are buying from Ecommerce vendors outside China

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Receiving accounts

With World First you can open receiving accounts for the following regions and currencies:

United Kingdom








United States



We can open international receiving accounts quickly and once you've got the details, you can update your marketplace and start selling to buyers around the world. Speak to us about competitive collection fees.

You should know that  World First UK Ltd provides clients with access to a receiving account, in the name of World First Uk Ltd, for the sole purpose of receiving marketplace revenues. Funds held in these accounts are safeguarded and segregated in line with the requirements set by the Payment Services Regulation, 2009.

Fees and charges

It’s free to open an account and we don’t charge fees for receiving money. There are also no monthly charges and we offer competitive collection fees for all currencies.

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