Flat 1% preferential WorldFirst fee for both new and existing World First clients*

Using World First to receive money from Lazada, you can enjoy a flat 1% preferential WorldFirst fee on all your CNY payments from USD/GBP/EUR*.

It is the only fee we charge and there is no monthly fee or other transaction fees.

*Terms and conditions apply (except for clause 4) find out more here.

Why Lazada?

The integration of World First as an international payments provider with Lazada has opened up a key but notoriously difficult region for online sellers. With regional marketplaces across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, Lazada is offering World First as an alternate pay-out option for international sellers, so you can bring your money home at a great rate.

It's free to open an account, there are no fees for receiving money and no monthly charges. One World First account to manage your payments in different currencies across different market places.

Why sell with Lazada factsheet

Sell with Lazada:

- Excellent fulfilment service with their easy 48 hour shipping solutions

- Full customer support service

- Multiple product listing with full control your prices and stock

- No listing fees, no maintenance fees, free access to category experts

Want to grow your online business internationally with Lazada marketplace? Sign up today and let World First support you in expanding your business and bring your money home. Cheaper, faster, easier

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Are there any fees?

It’s free to open an account and we don’t charge fees for receiving money.

If you want the same currency transfer, we offer competitive transaction costs.

Complete registration on or before 31st May, 2018 to enjoy a flat 1% preferential WorldFirst fee on all payments from USD/GBP/EUR to CNY. A minimum transfer amount of US $250 or currency equivalent is required. It is the only fee we charge and there is no monthly fee or other transaction fees. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Receiving accounts

With WorldFirst you can open receiving accounts for the following regions and currencies:

United Kingdom








United States




We can open international receiving accounts quickly and once you've got the details, you can update your marketplace and start selling to buyers around the world. Plus you benefit from great rates when you want to convert your payments back in to your own currency.

You should know that  World First UK Ltd provides clients with access to a receiving account, in the name of World First UK Ltd, for the sole purpose of receiving marketplace revenues. Funds held in these accounts are safeguarded and segregated in line with the requirements set by the Payment Services Regulation, 2009.

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