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Price promise

Because we transact more than $4bn a year, we're able to access the same interbank market rates as the mainstream banks. We make our money by taking a smaller margin from this rate which allows us to pass the savings on to you. The interbank rate is the one the banks trade with each other at, and also the one you see quoted in the media, on the news and the one used by online converters.

We're so confident we can offer you great rates, we offer the World First Price Promise: If you get a better quote from another provider, talk to us, and provided it won't result in a loss for us - we'll match it, subject to the following conditions:

To take us up on this you need to:

a. Be registered with us;

b. Be registered with another provider (the one you obtained the quote from);

c. Get a quote for the same amount and currency pair from the other provider; and

d. Submit your quote to us within 3 hours of receiving it from the other provider.

If it doesn't result in a loss for us, we'll match it.

Our Price Promise only applies to quotes - information provided before you have agreed to a rate and entered into a transaction. We work off live market rates and therefore immediately go into the market to buy the required currency at our clients' request.

Once you decide to go ahead and book the transaction with us, the promise expires. We cannot cancel or amend a transaction already entered into in the unlikely event you find a better quote. We cannot match an off-market rate - that is, one better than the interbank rate at the time of quoting.

To make the most of our promise, register with us. It only takes a couple of minutes to open an account and there's no obligation to transact with us.