The Euros are coming and this summer 25 men will take their teams to France carrying not just the hopes of their nations, but some well-stocked wallets and a raft of expensive luggage too. Whilst everyone else debates who will win, the team at World First have asked: which coach represents the best value?

What happened in France last time?
France last hosted this great tournament in 1984, where they also triumphed as champions. They were ironically captained by a man who has dominated the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past couple of years; Michel Platini. Aussies love sports, but here’s what else was happening in 1984: a royal birth (Prince Henry of Wales), the dollar coin was introduced to Australia, a jar of Vegemite became the first product to be electronically scanned at a checkout, Australian banks were deregulated and the Hawke Government was re-elected. What an eventful year!

The UK are in full force in 2016
Whilst perhaps not all eyes will be on France this summer, more people than ever will be tuning in from the British Isles as, for the first time, Wales, Northern Ireland (and the Republic of Ireland) will all join England this time around. And with the tournament wide open, and Leicester City having already proved that resources are no guarantee of success, who would bet against a surprise winner?

Value for money
Now clearly resources should matter. After all, England will go in with one of the best prepared, highest-paid squads in tournament history. And in Roy Hodgson, they will also be organised and lead by one of the best remunerated coaches in the tournament, a man with a salary that looks like the weekly jackpot in the National Lottery. But, as any investor will tell you; novices look at cost, experienced professionals measure value.

So, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve looked at which coach at Euro 2016 represents the best value for money based on the cost per head of the population they represent and the cost per point achieved during the most recent qualifying campaign.

Got it? Good. We think the results are at least quite interesting.


The-most-valuable-coach-per-pointLast of all, we’ve surveyed our Currency Specialists here at World First to workout if they’re as good at predicting sports events as they are at helping individuals and businesses manage their currency exposure! Here are our predictions:

  • The top choices for champions: France 37.5%, Spain 25%, and Germany 18.75%.
  • Popular picks for potential “dark horses” of the tournament were Belgium and Wales.
  • Player of the tournament suggestions: Pogba, Bale and Ronaldo.

All of us here at World First hope you enjoy the tournament!