Whether your wedding dream consists of tropical sunsets and turquoise waters or hip urban rooftops and Michelin star restaurants (or anything in between) there’s always a thousand little details to consider. These seem to be amplified all the more when you’ve chosen a location that’s not where you live but don’t let that overwhelm you! Make your big day a little more hassle-free with these destination wedding planning hacks, tips and tools:

1.  The international venue rolodex

Where, oh where, does one choose to have a destination wedding? Well, while we can’t help you with the selection process, we can certainly give you one hot-spot where you can reliably search the buffet of  stunning venue options available to you around the globe.

Venue Report is the enormous black (digital) book of every magical, picturesque venue you could hold a celebration. It boasts thousands of unique and stylish venues from over 200 cities around the world – from tropical glamping resorts in Bali,  minimalist gallery spaces in New York City and aristocratic villas overlooking the ocean in Sicily – it’s safe to say that the venue of your dreams is somewhere in here. You can search by location and the listings show group capacities, fees and pricing and special offers.

You can even sign up for alerts in case that special spot you’re lusting over is just out of your price range.



2.Your bespoke wedding website

More and more couples are choosing pixels over paper when it comes to keeping their guests in the know about their wedding day. And you don’t need to be a technical whiz to make this happen!

Creating a wedding site has become as easy as signing up with an email address, uploading a few photos and writing a short paragraph or two about how you met. Most providers charge a small fee which will cover hosting the site for the duration you need, but will offer you options to personalise the design, theme and amount of information you want to share so no detail is missed.

For those that want minimal fuss, try Minted , The Knot or Riley and Grey.
If you’re a little more handy with your website management and want a bit more of a personalised menu, Squarespace also offer themes which work well for weddings.


3.The digital wishing well

Gone are the days of having to force a smile when your least favourite cousin re-gifts you the pasta maker from hell.

In 2017, you can ask for cash without feeling awkward about it and figuring out how to tote it home securely. Envelope Registry is like a digital wishing well that tackles this delicate issue: you can choose what the money will go towards –  including art, Airbnb vouchers, renovations, business class upgrades, furniture and travel activities – and then your guests choose what they want to gift you from your personal registry list. You can also transfer the money into your account on a weekly basis.

This Aussie-startup-turned-global-platform can even manage your ‘thank you’ cards, which will save you the hassle of figuring out spidery hand written well wishes and signatures on paper cards.

Check out the kind words about Envelope over at www.nouba.com.au/envelope-online-wedding-gift-registry Thanks @nouba_blog ?

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4. Choosing local and lovely

Forget about lugging wedding favours and bonbonniere all the way from Australia! Buy local. You’ll help support local industries and leave your guests with special memories.

Think locally made beauty and cosmetics in Fiji, mini bottles of prosecco or limoncello in Tuscany, sake or ceramics from Japan… Do a little bit of research on what kind of artisanal goods your wedding destination is famous for and calculate the cost of a bulk buy and delivery.

Your guest will love the little keepsake as a momento from their travels and your big day!


5. Your secret stylist

If you are tearing your hair out trying to navigate the complexities of dealing with overseas suppliers, and sourcing quotes for everything, why not consider outsourcing the search for one key detail?

Getting a style concierge to find your gown can help you take one thing off your plate. Asking a professional stylist to narrow down the options for your dream dress helps you avoid pushy sales people who insist you consider taffeta, squeeze into sequins or fulfill your mum’s idea of ‘the perfect dress’.

Love Find Co will match you with the dress of your dreams. Your personal aesthetic is derived with a detailed and thoughtful questionnaire and your options are curated for you.


6. DIY Beautification

Having your big  day overseas doesn’t mean that you have to deal with an overzealous (or worse, untrained) makeup artist that revels in blue eyeshadow then gives you a large bill to boot.

You need to feel comfortable with the style and amount of makeup you wear on the day to feel confident and carefree. Why not do your own makeup and hair and ensure you look and feel comfortable on the day? Take some local make up courses with your bridesmaids and watch a few YouTube tutorials before you leave and plan to do each other’s hair and makeup on the day.

It could be a fun hen’s day activity and you’ll learn a skill for life. It will save you the search for a local artist and help you avoid someone who might not be familiar with makeup and beauty brands and trends in Australia.


7. Master the exchange rate

Don’t use your credit card or bank to pay for deposits for your venue, hotel, caterer and other suppliers – it will lock you into your bank’s exchange rate at the time of payment, which is unpredictable and can work against you. Make sure you know the exchange rate you are getting by choosing a ‘forward contract’ instead. World First offer them so you can lock in your exchange rate, even if you’re not ready to make a transfer but you know you will at some point. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll get when you’re ready to transfer. Rates can be locked in for  up to 2 years in advance!

Speaking to a Currency Specialist can help you plan your finances for organising the day so speak with a World First currency specialist on 1800 744 777 or visit us at worldfirst.com.au

For more destination wedding inspiration, see our list of 3 affordable wedding destination you’ve (probably) never considered.




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