Thinking about a sea change to Brisbane, or have just made the move?

The cultural scene is blossoming in the sunny, laid-back river city and only getting better with grass roots festivals popping up regularly and major art exhibits from around the world choosing Brisbane as their Australian destination.

We surveyed over 2,000 expats and over 28% said that understanding and adapting to a new culture and lifestyle was amongst the top challenges of moving and establishing life in Australia.

In order to help you familiarise yourself with the city, here are 5 arts, music and other cultural events that have made Brisbane’s cultural vibe flourish:

  1. Woodford Folk Festival (December- January)

Not far from Brisbane, Woodford Folk Festival is a winner for art lovers of all ages. A very special escape from reality, it features 2,500 artists across circus, dance, poetry, Indigenous arts and more. It’s primarily a camping festival, but makes for a good day trip too.

You’ll love the tree-filled camp grounds, butterfly walks, ponds and other picturesque wildlife. Find out more at


  1. Queensland Cabaret Festival (June)

This festival is where you find Queensland’s favourite late-night party. Held at an impressive venue – a magnificent 1920s powerstation, it features heart-warming storytelling, dance and song.

Nostalgic souls will enjoy this one (the 2016 line-up featured 80s teen movie sweetheart Molly Ringwald). Find out more at


  1. 100% Brisbane (Ongoing)

100% Brisbane is an art exhibition like no other, held at the Museum of Brisbane. Collaborating with an international art company, it reveals the touching, fascinating personal stories of 100 of Brisbane’s residents.

Discover fist-hand accounts with images, videos and oral histories and get a feel for Brisbane’s thoughts and feelings, warts and all. Find out more at


  1. Brisbane Festival (September)

Programming across all art types, this festival lives to be, well, festive. Catch incredible theatre, dance, circus, opera and music and don’t forget Riverfire, the ultimate fireworks display at the end.

You even get to choose the soundtrack. Find out more at


  1. Valley Fiesta (October)

Brisbane’s hippest area, Fortitude Valley, is throwing a big street party and you’re invited. It’s free, all-ages and the three-day program features three stages of live music, food, fashion and art.

With past performances from the likes of The Preatures and Tim Rogers, you will want to grab a cool drink and a spot in the sun. Find out more at


The gorgeous weather in Brisbane means that locals love to get out and about all year round so these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Brisbanites are a friendly crowd so don’t be shy and get involved!

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