Win $5,000 to help grow your online business by completing a short online survey

Selling internationally through marketplaces like Amazon or Shopify can be tough, especially for those living in Australia who may not always have the opportunity for their voice to be heard in a global industry dominated by Asia, America, Europe and the UK.

Here at World First Foreign Exchange, we are embarking on a survey to better understand the trials and tribulations of online sellers – we want to hear more about your pain points, motivations, challenges, who your influences are, and ultimately celebrate all things Australian Online Sellers!

Why the survey?
Starting an online business or expanding into new markets can be costly and time consuming. We want to help make one participant’s journey much easier by awarding them with $5,000 to help them grow their business. On a larger scale, we plan to share insights with participants, marketplaces, governing bodies and the wider Australian eCommerce industry. We want your collective voice to be heard.

Survey details
We encourage online sellers at all stages of their eCommerce journey to share their voice. This includes:

• People located in Australia.
• Sellers operating on international marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Trade Me or eBay.
• You don’t need to have made a sale, but you must have a storefront or listing.
• There are no questions that ask exactly what product you sell, any of your trade secrets and no personal information will be shared externally.
• Survey is open from April 4 to May 12 and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Survey Results

This survey is closed and has now been drawn. Congratulations to Martin S. from Queensland who was the lucky winner of $5,000. Martin plans to invest this money in product research and marketing.

Terms & Conditions