If you’re holding British pounds or New Zealand dollars and have been waiting for the right time to convert these funds to Australian dollars, now might be the right time.

The GBP/AUD pair has reached its highest level since June 2016 as a result of renewed confidence along the way that a Brexit deal may actually go through by March 29. The pound soared another 1% after UK lawmakers voted to hypothetically take a ‘no deal’ Brexit off the table.

Closer to home, the NZD/AUD pair is close to parity following poor Aussie data. Australian quarterly GDP prints fell again in the December quarter, rounding off what has been a weak performance for the Australian economy.

Currency markets are unpredictable, but what this means is that now could be the right time to repatriate funds, particularly if you’re holding NZD or GBP.

The table below, using the market rate, shows repatriating £100,000 to AUD in December 2018 vs March 2019 could result in almost $15,000 more Aussie dollars.

Month Market Rate GBP AUD
Dec-18 1.7298  £100,000  $172,980
Mar-19 1.8742  £100,000  $187,420


GBP/AUD – 12 months

NZD/AUD – 12 months 

Source: Bloomberg

Capitalise on favorable market conditions

Even with favorable market conditions it’s important to manage your currency transfers effectively.

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