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Prepaid currency cards

When you use prepaid currency cards, you know you're using a safe reliable means of carrying money with you overseas. Prepaid cards are neat and discrete and allow you to withdraw cash at a cash point or pay for goods and services in the same way as you'd use a credit card.

If you think these cards could be for you, just apply for one online, and we'll post it to you within 10 days.

Using a prepaid card

Using one of our cards couldn't be simpler. You can top your card up online and a few hours later, your card is charged up and ready to go.

Currency cards are free to use in shops and restaurants overseas, wherever you see your card provider's sign.

And as for exchange rates - the rate stays the same as the date you topped up your card.

Why should I think about using a prepaid card?

• The exchange rates are fantastic

• They're safe and PIN code protected

• You can top up for free from anywhere

• You don't pay fees for using them

Find out more about the World First MasterCard ® Prepaid Currency Card here.

How do prepaid currency cards work?

The cards work a bit like a debit card. The money is deducted from your balance as you spend - and you can check your spending online at any time.

You just swipe it for purchases or withdraw cash at a pre-agreed rate, which is often less than withdrawing cash on a credit card or your currency account - and without the extra fees, too.

A great way to keep records too

You know when you get back from your holiday and think, "what on earth did I spend all that money on?", well with prepaid currency cards you'll be able to check. All you need to do is go online to get a statement which will show the restaurants where you used your card - or the cash withdrawals you made and the days you made them.

This facility can be really handy after a business trip. You can hand the statement in with an expense claim to show exactly what you spent and when.

Apply online for the World First MasterCard ® Prepaid Currency Card here. We'll have your card with you within 10 days.


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