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Moving overseas? (Or coming home?)

Moving your life to another country is a massive undertaking. Whether you are moving overseas or coming home, we're here to help. 

We can convert your home currency into virtually any other foreign currency, at the best exchange rates available. And if you’re coming home, we can bring your money back too – using our own overseas bank accounts if appropriate. 

Watch our 60 second video to find out how we can help

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Minimise your risk

We’ll get you the best rate available. You can transfer immediately using a spot rate, or we can also fix the rate for up to three years ahead, using forward contracts, so you’ll know exactly how much will arrive at the destination when it's time to pay. 

We also offer many other ways of minimising your exposure to fluctuations in currency values. Have a look at our Foreign Exchange Services section for more information.

Moving Overseas

Mrs Randell emigrated to Australia in July 2010. She needed to convert £250,000 into Australian dollars and send them to her new bank account in Australia.

She needed to make an immediate transfer. She compared our rate with her bank’s, and gained an extra $4,750 by working with us. She had no transfer fees to pay and the funds reached her Australian account within two days of being sent.

World First Bank
Exchange rate 1.802 1.783
Transfer fee £0 £30
Total cost $450,500 $445,750

Mrs Randell also receives a UK pension. She uses our regular transfer scheme to automatically convert her UK pension to Australian dollars on a monthly basis.

We have an office in Sydney, so Mrs Randell talks to us in her own time zone.

Returning from abroad

Mr Hodgson was planning to return to the UK after living and working in Hong Kong. He wanted to transfer HK $5,000,000 to his UK bank account.

To allow him to budget more easily, he decided to fix the exchange rate in advance.

He fixed a rate with us three months before his move. We agreed a rate of 11.94 and he paid a deposit of 8%.

He would not generally have been able to book a forward contract with his bank.

He looked at the daily exchange rate his bank was offering on the day he transferred his money. He worked out that he saved about 0.5% - or £2,000.

For three months after he moved back to the UK, Mr Hodgson continued to receive a salary in HK dollars. He used our online system World First Online to fix a rate and transfer his salary back to the UK.

We’re the UK’s leading foreign exchange and international payments provider. We’re fast, friendly and we don’t charge commission – which is a big plus when you’re moving abroad or retiring overseas.

It's free and easy to open an account. It takes less than 5 minutes and there's no obligation to use us.

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