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Currency Cards

Currency cards make it easy to spend overseas. They're a great way to keep your money safe, because if you lose your card, you don't necessarily lose your money.

You just apply for a currency card online, and we'll send it to you within ten days.

Once your card arrives, top it up online and your money will be available to spend within a few hours. You can then use it overseas in shops and restaurants - or wherever you see your currency card provider's sign. You can also use your card to withdraw cash too.

A currency card in your wallet

The money is deducted from your balance each time you spend using your card, or take money out of a cash point with it. It's a practical way to take money abroad - and it gives you access to great exchange rates.

Currency cards are free to use and you can load or re-load them online, over the phone - and sometimes even by SMS. You lock in the exchange rate when you load the card.

Apply for a World First MasterCard ® Prepaid Currency Card here.

Why should I get a currency card?

• You get great exchange rates

• It's chip and PIN protected, giving you security and peace of mind

• You can load and re-load for free - anytime, anywhere

• You don't have to pay fees when you spend 

Want to know more? Find out more about the World First MasterCard ® Prepaid Currency Card here.

Currency cards on holiday

Travelling is easier and safer when you use a prepaid currency card. Simply top up your card online and avoid queues at the local foreign exchange bureau.

The cards are great for going on holiday. Because you can top them up and withdraw cash at most cash points, they mean you have one less thing to worry about.

Currency cards for business travel

And if you travel regularly for business, they’re fantastic. Before you head off to the airport, all you have to do is go online, top up, and by the time you arrive at your destination, you will have access to the money you need in the currency you need.

You can use it just like any other card - so you can hand it over in shops and restaurants that show your provider's sign. Or you can take cash out of a cash point to pay for taxis and odd expenses.

Giving currency cards to your staff also makes tracking expenditure on overseas business trips much easier - because you'll get a statement of everything that's been spent alongside the currency exchange rate. All they'll have to do is keep their receipts as usual. 

Apply online for the World First Currency Card today. Please allow ten working days for your card to arrive in the post.


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