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If you're making an international currency transfer, World First will save you money.

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We're different to the rest

World First isn't just another foreign exchange company. We feel we're different to the rest. And once you've dealt with us, you'll see what we mean.

Providing the best currency rates is really important to us, but so is the way we treat our clients. We respect, value and look after them.

We're just the right size – big enough to make sure your money is totally safe, but not so big that we lose our customer focus. If you're disillusioned with the service you're getting from the banks, try us. We're passionate about giving the best customer service.

And we never sit still. We're always looking for the next thing that'll improve the way we get the best foreign exchange rates – moving your money across borders and delivering the best service possible.

Join us today and you'll see how we do things differently.

Getting you the best currency rates

While banks usually reserve some of their products and services for only their large corporate clients, our services are available to everyone.

We feel that every client should have the best chance of limiting their exposure to the risks of currency rate fluctuation, not just a select few.

For example, with our forward contract, you can:

    • Fix an exchange rate for a point in the future
    • Know exactly how much you'll get on the day of the transfer
    • Budget more easily, and get peace of mind from knowing the amount you'll receive can't go down

You can also fix an exchange rate if you're making or receiving regular transfers. Know how much is going into or out of your account every month.

There are so many options for your currency transfer, and we'll be there for you every step of the way.

Get started by signing up today – there's no obligation, and you can access the best currency rates and best service straightaway.

Don't miss out on the best currency rates. Join the thousands of people who are already saving money with World First.

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